Metaphysics of Name and Runic Alphabets.
Vladislav V. Khaliavkin

This book represents a science research which helps to understand canons and principles of human perception. The work introduces a notion of "a space-time unit" which was known by ancient people as a space-time reflection of The One, that is perceived by human senses or through divines. The work reproduces a general key matrix of the space-time unit and its graphic and sound representation in all ancient runic alphabets, where every letter has a sacred meaning and expresses different modes and algorithms of realization of an idea in a material world as a space-time unit. The work represents a detailed discernment of 57 different runic alphabets (sounds, letters, geometric correlations and meanings). By means of this work a reader will comprehend what actually stands for magic of words, names and energy-informational systems of conversion. The reader will comprehend the sacred meaning of the Universe carpet patterns. This eschatological treatise is devoted to the universal laws of being, co-existence, interaction, converse and transfiguration in every energy-informational unit, so the work can help to learn the very essence of many phenomena, to understand many modern problems and to avoid a lot of disastrous mistakes or errors. A question of fundamental interactions is one of the most important problems of modern science. So, according to the new situation in all advanced brunches of science, where we stand at a threshold of meeting the unknown events and phenomena, this book is an urgent issue for all those who care.
Time-space is a process of realizing of The Eternal in eventual. Time-space implies a set (a multiplicity). The world gets its volume by means of interrelation between elements of sets. In real physical world most interactions happen periodically, and that determines and explains stability of systems. Symmetry of these systems concurs to a symmetry of one or another polyhedron. The spatial polyhedron is represented by every name, every image of every phenomenon. Every name, every part of the whole represents a spatial pattern of a set interrelation in a unit. Patterns express ideas of space-time units and their spirits (fields). In human speech the space of the polyhedron is revealed and reproduced by vowel sounds. Vertexes and ribs, that born in the process of this space realization, are expressed by consonant sounds. Streams of repeating spatial resonances and the very time of revealing and realization of a phenomenon and its idea are expressed by sounds [s], [sh] and some vowel consonances. In that case when frequencies coincide, there appear conditions for maximum transference of energy, and that is the case of a resonance. When the frequencies coincide with more or less precision, an accord of rhythms pierces throughout the whole Universe from scales of Galaxies and up to elementary cells and particles. Being a rhythmical structure the human speech performs a sound expression of the highest harmony and symmetry, - that is a mode of a space-time pattern revealing, its essentialization, realization and transfiguration in the name, an image and a spirit of a space-time unit. Every name represents its image of fulfilling of interrelations in a unit. Ancient people knew how to transform time and space. So as vowel and consonant sounds are fundamental elements of the human speech, they express rhythmical structure of the speech, literally, the substance, the matter of space-time. They form a resonance structure, where the name can determine coordinates of the set correlation and forms of identifying of phenomena and modes of space-time transforming in organization that represents an essence and a phenomenon of an idea which realizes its unit in a material world pattern. Graphic of matrix, its harmony represents natural conformity and geometric regularity of explicational processes that reveal and essentializate ideas. One can see this harmony in patterns of carpets, symbols and signs. Signs of runic alphabets represent different meaning algorithms of fundamental interaction processes which realize ideas in space-time units of phenomena. So it is possible to comprehend actual meaning of ancient words and runes. However the author asserts that the harmony and its natural conformity accompanies the processes of essentialization The Highest in the lowest, The Ideal in material, The Single One in plural, but never determines them because the lowest serves to The Highest and not otherwise. The righteousness and speculative consciousness, pagan cults and energy-informational systems (that represent very different ideas) ere urgent themes of this eschatological treatise.

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